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  • Relaisenders in verskillende lande

    Canada In Canada, "re-broadcaster" or "re-broadcasting transmitter" are the terms most commonly used by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). TELEVISION A television re-broadcaster may sell local or regional advert

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  • Wat is Repeater en hoe werk die stelsel?

    A repeater is an electronic device that relays a transmitted signal. It receives a signal on a specific frequency, then amplifies and rebroadcasts it. By amplifying the signal, a repeater increases the transmission range of the original signal. Repeaters have many applications,

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  • Moenie die Oktober-reguleringsdatums vir uitsaaiers misloop nie

    October is one of the busiest months on the broadcaster’s regulatory calendar. On October 1, EEO Public Inspection file reports are due in the online public file of stations that are part of an Employment Unit with 5 or more full-time employees in Alaska, Florida,

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  • Wat is die uitsaaier-aflosstasie en sy tipes

    A broadcast relay station, relay transmitter, broadcast translator (U.S.), rebroadcaster (Canada), or repeater (two-way radio) is a broadcast transmitter which relays or repeats the signal of another radio station or television station, usually to an area not covered by the signal of

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  • Politieke uitsaaieregels V&A: Opgedateer vir 2019

    With primaries in some states happening as soon as March, and the Democratic primary contest already hotly contested by a large field of candidates, the 2020 election cycle is certain to be one of the most contentious and hard-fought in recent memory – as well as one of the longest. W

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  • Hoe u 'n kabelmodemsein tot geraasverhouding kan verhoog

    Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is a gauge of signal strength to and from your cable modem in relation to the background noise. The ideal SNR range is 30 to 50 decibels (dB). High noise or low power levels reduce the SNR and can negatively affect your Internet connectivity, resulting in d

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    In this article we will focus on how to test your antenna signal strength, as well as look at some of the better TV signal strength meters readily available on Amazon. To answer this question, “How to test your antenna signal”, it will be helpful to look at the different aspects that

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  • Ken u die absolute dB-skale

    Decibel as Absolute Unit of Power It is also possible to use the decibel as a unit of absolute power, in addition to using it as an expression of power gain or loss. A common example of this is the use of decibels as a measurement of sound pressure intensity. In cases like these,

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  • Die RF-ingenieur se gids tot die desibel

    Learn about the decibel and its variants in the context of RF design and testing. RF engineering, like all scientific disciplines and subdisciplines, involves quite a bit of specialized terminology. One of the most important words that you will need when working in the world of RF

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  • Wat word gebruik om wins te verteenwoordig?

    The Bel is Used to Represent Gain In its simplest form, an amplifier’s gain is a ratio of output over input. Like all ratios, this form of gain is unitless. However, there is an actual unit intended to represent gain, and it is called the bel. As a unit, the

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